Creative Movement Artist | Project Manager

Julian Namroud is a versatile dancer, choreographer and creative artist from Gothenburg in Sweden. What reflects Julian most is his creative mind and openness to movement, which he uses to create creative movement, unique performance and art that speaks both emotionally and visually.

Julian is active in various cultural fields such as performing arts, dance performances, choreographer, dance teacher/educator, film director, competitions/contestants, judge, organizer, culture project manager, commercial work, festivals and similar projects.

As a dancer, he is based in Hip hop dance, but also finds a lot of influences from popping, house dance and other dance expressions. Since 2008, Julian has found a great love for various movements and dances, where he built a strong foundation as an established dancer. At the same time, he increased his knowledge and vocabulary by taking master classes both within and outside his genre. He has taken classes in hip hop, house dance, breaking, popping, voguing, wacking, step, modern and contemporary with world-renowned dance teachers. He has most recently been seen as a dancer on "Iceolo", which is a two-part piece, including a film and a performance. Scenkonst Sörmland was the producers, where he toured four months during the summer of 2018. Participated as a dancer, actor and choreographer behind the music video "My Past - Arghavan". Nordic champion in Hip hop at the "KOD Street Dance World Cup" 2017/18. During his 2021 residency at Stora Teatern in collaboration with Danscentrum Väst, he has created the performance “StrangerS” as a choreographer and dancer that premieres in January 2022. In 2022 he will also work as a choreographer and dancer for the Nordic performance “The Moral Compass” which will work on the morality issues. Julian likes challenges and unique movements, but finds that the foundation are the pulse of the visions he has. This shapes both his creative thinking and expression, where he has been able to master and develop something that characterizes him. By challenging himself to take different movements and styles

outside its comfort zone and combine this with what he has mastered, Julian creates performances that reflect both his attitude and vision. Repeat and master your foundation, only then can you introduce new movements that work as part of you.

Julian sees himself as a creative, respectful and versatile culture project manager with over 10 years of experience. His knowledge extends widely around stress-, conflict-, financial management, web design and digital tools. He is also educated  as an international cultural project manager at Nätverkstan in Gothenburg, which is a two-year higher vocational education. As one of the founders of ID Crew company, he works with both local and international cultural questions, artists and organizations with sustainability as keywords. As a dedicated culture practitioner, Julian has a great understanding of different cultural scenes and finds good relationships as an important aspect for a more sustainable future in the cultural scene. This has led to him having a broad network of contacts both regionally, nationally and internationally in the cultural sector.

"Your journey begins within yourself, find your passion and let it lead you through life" - Julian Namroud

'Self trust is a must'

- Julian Joujou -






Dancer in the dance video Method Man ft Busta Rhymes - What´s Happenin´ by Eddie Yalman in Sweden.

Winner at X-tract Experimental category in Sweden.

Dancer & assistant in the tour Iceolo in Sweden.

Top 8 in KOD street dance world cup in Germany.

Choreograph & Dancer in the dance video Game World, powered by Dedicated Brand in Sweden.

Winner at Follo Battle 2vs2 allstyle in Norway.

Dancer in sir Was - the sun will shine, offical music video in Sweden.

Dancer in Iceolo Short Film in Sweden.

Winner at VBG dance festival 2vs2 fusion in Sweden.

Host in the 30 minute piece Identity by Fuse fam in Sweden.

Project manager/internship at GGM Film in Sweden.

Dancer in Out of office at Trädgår'n in Sweden.

Choreographer and dancer in the 15 minute piece StrangerS in Sweden.

Guest speaker at VGR Open panel talk about organizing online festivals in Sweden.

Seminar "sustainable organizer" at VGR in Sweden.

Choreographer and dancer in the 10 minute piece StrangerS in Sweden.

Choreographer and dancer in The Moral Compass  in Sweden.

Choreographer and dancer in Jag är man  in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop | Julian Joujou | Anderson .Paak - Come Down | Artistque Dance & Perform

16 JUL 2019

Hip hop Workshop Recap - Julian Joujou | ID Crew | Kings Among Kings | Sweden.

Song: Anderson .Paak - Come Down (FS Green ROMderful Remix)

Film & Edit: @azi_productions_

Location: Artistque Dance & Perform 90 min workshop of hip hop dance, foundations, steps, party rocking, concepts and choreography. Each one teach one! Amazing students who worked really hard.

'Only you can set the limit of what you can achieve, stay limitless'

- Julian Joujou -







Judge at Rewind Dance Jam in Sweden.

Workshop at Soul square, dance camp in Sweden.

Judge at Tfda Showdown in Sweden.

Workshop at Allebik danstudio in Sweden.

Judge at Jkpg dance festival in Sweden.

Judge at Battle of the 7 rings  vol. 6 in Norway.

Workshop at Studio in motion, summer camp in Sweden.

Judge at Dansbana kvilleplats in Sweden.

Judge at United 4 Hiphop in Sweden.

Workshop at Dansbana kvilleplats in Sweden.

Judge at Norwegian championship & regional IDO urban styles in Norway.

Workshop at Artistique dance & perform, summer camp in Sweden.

Judge at Ung Klubb in Sweden.

Judge at Face the rhythm in Sweden.

Workshop at Blåstället in Sweden.

Hip Hop Class at Twisted Feet DA

Hip hop Workshop at Dansforum PAS in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop at Artistique Dance & Perform in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop at Blåstället in Sweden.

Hip Hop Class at Twisted Feet DA

Hip hop Workshop at Nordic Light Dance Camp in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop at Danscentrum Väst in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop at Göteborg Film Festival in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop at Rum 4 Dans in Sweden.

Hip Hop Class at Twisted Feet DA

Hip hop Workshop at Nordic Light Dance Camp in Sweden.

Hip hop Workshop at Rum 4 Dans in Sweden.

Bloom - Julian Joujou | Teo - Selfless-ish (Prod.J Dilla)

03 JAN 2022

A special piece that have not been shared before. The pulse of feelings and raw movements in one shot had this one speaking direct from the heart. Creating art to move people. Let us move forward ✨What is your thoughts after this piece? #mentalhealth

Film & Edit Azi Nouiem

Make Up Ashaa Zaki Southerland

Clothing Dedicated Brand

Artistic support Joseph Amegatcher & Eddie Yalman

Song: Teo - Selfless-ish (Prod.J Dilla)

Game World | Julian Joujou | Dedicated Brand | Dj Combat - Ante The Fuck Up | Choreography | Dance

29 JUL 2019

👾 G A M E W O R L D 👾

Director & Choreography: @Julianjoujou

In a gaming world surrounded by friends, spending the day out in the park enjoying the moment. Through dance, choreography, story and comedy we welcome you to our GAME WORLD! Hope you like it and get a good feeling after watching this dance film. Special thanks to Dedicated Brand for the collaboration. All the clothings are Fair-trade made, 100 % Organic a Sustainable Fashion Brand with cool clothes. www.dedicatedbrand.com

CAST Danced by: @eddieyalman @kidsuper_ @julianjoujou @8r4vo Music: @djcombat - Ante The Fuck Up | 2k19 Album Videography: @Azi_Productions_ Editor: Lion Cuts @llion_joe Stylist: Sebastian Reuterberg Artistic Advisor: Marcio ”Ratinho” Salvador | The Kings Room Support: ID Crew & Kings Among Kings

Arghavan - My Past OFFICIAL VIDEO HD

16 DEC 2017

join Arghavan & all your favorite artists: http://instagram.com/avangmusic

artist: ARGHAVAN

song: MY PAST



arrangement: B.D PRODUCTION


director: ALIREZA BADIEE http://avang.com http://youtube.com/avangmusic

dancer: Julian Joujou

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