The Moral Compass - StrangerS by Eddie Yalman & Julian "Joujou" Namroud | Official Trailer

06 OCT 2022

"StrangerS" are we strangers? Someone you do not know, a strange meeting that can feel uncomfortable. Every first meeting between people starts with someone being a stranger. How do we treat someone you do not know? Are we curious? Uncomfortable? Save? Careful? Do we influence with body language and eye contact? What method of communication do we use? In every relationship, whether it is family, friends, cohabitants, partners or colleagues, there is a period when you are a stranger to each other. When is it? Is it just the beginning? Can you be a stranger later in life in these relationships as well? How long are we strangers?

The performance “Strangers” explores the different stages that take place between two strangers when they first meet. The essential center of "StrangerS" is a meeting place where the interaction with the unknown and the pulse that arises in the present is what gives the movements dynamism, communication and identity.

JOURNEY - Eddie Yalman | Branko

02 MAY 2022

I am Eddie Yalman & this is my JOURNEY!!

📽️: Azi Productions

Creative support: Julian Joujou

Clothing: Dedicated Brand

🎶: SDDS -

Shame On You - Eddie Yalman | D Smoke

23 FEB 2022

A creative piece that combine originality, hip hop flavour and that MTV music video. Work hard, stay creative and always be humble ✨Are you inspired to create after this? #creativemind

Film & Edit: Azi Nouiem

Make Up: Ashaa Zaki Southerland

Artistic support Joseph Amegatcher

Song: Shame On You - D Smoke

Bloom - Julian Joujou | Teo - Selfless-ish (Prod.J Dilla)

03 JAN 2022

A special piece that have not been shared before. The pulse of feelings and raw movements in one shot had this one speaking direct from the heart. Creating art to move people. Let us move forward ✨What is your thoughts after this piece? #mentalhealth

Film & Edit Azi Nouiem

Make Up Ashaa Zaki Southerland

Clothing Dedicated Brand

Artistic support Joseph Amegatcher & Eddie Yalman

Song: Teo - Selfless-ish (Prod.J Dilla)

Good vibes only | Eddie Yalman & Julian Joujou | ID Crew

20 APR 2020

Good vibes only | Eddie Yalman & Julian Joujou | ID Crew

This video was made early in feburay & we at ID Crew want to share our positive & good vibe we got from our hometown Jonkoping in Sweden.

Never give up on your dreams!

Choreograph: @julianjoujou

Dancers: @eddieyalman & @julianjoujou

Clothing: @dedicatedbrand @dedicatedgbg

Location: Studio in motion at Kfum, Jonkoping | SE

Song: Deliuan - Manta | IT

Film: @vianny | SE

Edit: @Lioncuts, Fuse fam | SE

Game World | Julian Joujou | Dedicated Brand | Dj Combat - Ante The Fuck Up | Choreography | Dance

29 JUL 2019

👾 G A M E W O R L D 👾

Director & Choreography: @Julianjoujou

In a gaming world surrounded by friends, spending the day out in the park enjoying the moment. Through dance, choreography, story and comedy we welcome you to our GAME WORLD! Hope you like it and get a good feeling after watching this dance film. Special thanks to Dedicated Brand for the collaboration. All the clothings are Fair-trade made, 100 % Organic a Sustainable Fashion Brand with cool clothes.

CAST Danced by: @eddieyalman @kidsuper_ @julianjoujou @8r4vo Music: @djcombat - Ante The Fuck Up | 2k19 Album Videography: @Azi_Productions_ Editor: Lion Cuts @llion_joe Stylist: Sebastian Reuterberg Artistic Advisor: Marcio ”Ratinho” Salvador | The Kings Room Support: ID Crew & Kings Among Kings

Twisted Mästerskapen Judge Solo: Eddie Yalman

1O NOV 2019


Eddie Yalman | ID Crew | SE

Marco Wihlborg | Twisted Feet | SE

Salem | Laces | SE Dj: EP | SE

Host: Zara Zeidlitz | SE

Organizer: Twisted Feet DA

Song: Oh No ft Pharoahe Monch & Nate Dogg; Explicit - Mos Def

Hip hop Workshop | Julian Joujou | Anderson .Paak - Come Down | Artistque Dance & Perform

16 JUL 2019

Hip hop Workshop Recap - Julian Joujou | ID Crew | Kings Among Kings | Sweden.

Song: Anderson .Paak - Come Down (FS Green ROMderful Remix)

Film & Edit: @azi_productions_

Location: Artistque Dance & Perform 90 min workshop of hip hop dance, foundations, steps, party rocking, concepts and choreography. Each one teach one! Amazing students who worked really hard.

Method Man ft. Busta Rhymes - What's Happenin' | Choreography by Eddie Yalman

19 FEB 2018

Method Man ft. Busta Rhymes - What's Happenin' | Choreography by Eddie Yalman


Anna Malmer, Fuse Fam | SE

Eddie Yalman, ID Crew | SE

Julian Namroud, ID Crew | SE

Malcolm Kente, Fuse Fam | SE

Film & Edit: Sebastian Kruse, Leftsound | SE/NO

Sponsring & Location: Studieförbundet Bilda Sydväst Danska vägen 20, 412 66 Göteborg Music: Method Man ft. Busta Rhymes - What's Happenin'

Hip Hop Workshop with Julian Joujou at Radar 72

10 MAY 2019

Hip Hop Workshop with Julian Joujou representing ID Crew and Kings Among Kings. Enjoy!

Arghavan - My Past OFFICIAL VIDEO HD

16 DEC 2017

join Arghavan & all your favorite artists:

artist: ARGHAVAN

song: MY PAST



arrangement: B.D PRODUCTION



dancer: Julian Joujou © 2017 Avang Music Co. All Rights Reserved.

IDENTITY Performance | Trailer

08 FEB 2020

Trailer for the 30 minutes performance "IDENTITY", premeired January 3rd 2020 at Frilagret, Göteborg.


Eddie Yalman, ID Crew (SE)

Anna Malmer, Fuse fam (SE)

Therese Sahlin, Fuse fam (SE)

Michel Mleczkovicz, Fuse fam (SE)

Malcolm Kente, Fuse fam (SE)

Eduardo Manoel (SE)

Elnaz Paiamani (SE)

Filmed & Edited by Azi Productions & Joseph Amegatcher.

For bookings of the performance please contact us and we will forward it to the booking team.

Goldlink - Kokamoe Freestyle | Hip hop Choreography by Julian Joujou

01 DEC 2017

Goldlink - Kokamoe Freestyle | Hip hop Choreography by Julian Joujou

Choreography: Julian Joujou | ID Crew (SE)

Song: Goldlink - Kokamoe Freestyle

Film & Edit: @Myvisionbyme

Location: Allebike Dansstudio

Iceolo Short Film

19 DEC 2019

You’re watching the public re-release of Brian Madika's interdisciplinary performance art film “ICEOLO.”

#Iceolo #film #short #brianmadika


Producer : Brian Madika

Co Producer: Faramarz Gosheh


Julian Namroud

Brian Madika

Kamille Karpalovaite

Anaï Sofie Ljungberg

Paulina Creola